Helsingin Paperipaja


Helsingin Paperipaja ry is an association and a papermaking workshop located in Koskela, Helsinki, Finland. At Helsingin Paperipaja, we are making high-grade contemporary art while respecting traditional craftmanship. The association was founded by six contemporary artists in 2019: Emma Peura, Irma Tonteri, Astri Laitinen, Maria Valkeavuolle, Susanna Autio and Outi Koivisto. The artist members are professionals working in various techniques. What brings them together is their shared love for paper.

Helsingin Paperipaja is the only papermaking workshop in Finland that’s main focus – in addition to maintaining a workshop – is in finding new forms of expression in the context of contemporary paper art. At the workshop, artists are able to manufacture Western and Japanese style paper for their artistic practice. The association also arranges papermaking courses.

The clientele of the workshop primarily consists of professional visual artists. That being said, the workshop is also a community open to anyone interested in traditional craftmanship and ecological art making.

Helsingin Paperipaja has been founded with the help of Arts Promotion Centre Finland and The Finnish Cultural Foundation.

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00600 Helsinki