2022 Kiila X Catalysti: The Educator’s Circle – Skillshare sessions with Alex van Giersbergen

2022 Kiila X Catalysti: The Educator’s Circle – Skillshare sessions with Alex van Giersbergen




12:36 – 12:36

With: Globe Art Point

Date: 20.11.2022, Saturday  


Globe Art Point 

Malminkatu 5, 00100 Helsinki

Kiila and Catalysti invite you to participate in the upcoming Skillshare session (part of Catalysti’s Educator’s Circle Programme). 

This session is facilitated by Alex van Giersbergen on 20.11.2022 (Sunday)–– we’d love to have you there!  

The Skillshare workshops bring together Kiila and Catalysti members to meet, learn from each other and share their knowledges. This workshop has place for about 10 participants and will primarily be conducted in English (but Finnish too, if and when required).  

About the session:  

Playing with Pixels

In this workshop, we will use code to dive into various ways of analysing and altering video material. Participants will learn how computers handle pixel-data of (live-) video footage and how to use programming to play around with those pixels.

Areas of focus will be extracting and modifying colours, comparing frames of video to each other to detect movement (frame differentiation) and using a background to detect objects and people in a video (background subtraction). We will also look at different use-cases and the advantages and disadvantages of different techniques.

The programming environment used in the workshop is Processing ( Processing is a Java based environment that was developed for teaching, but is also powerful enough to create professional projects. There is no minimum level or required previous knowledge for participants.

About Alex van Giersbergen: 

Alex van Giersbergen is currently based in Helsinki, Finland, born in the Netherlands. During his education in Rotterdam, he became influenced by the new media scene and media festival culture. He creates interactive works using custom software and electronics. His work focuses on everyday routines and picks apart behavioural patterns. Over the years collaborations with other artists have become more central, which lead to varied projects that focus on sound and interaction. Currently, van Giersbergen focuses on composing visual narratives to accompany sound and theatre performances.

The workshop is free and open to all. Please bring a laptop. 

The sessions are made possible thanks to funding granted by Arts Promotion Center Finland. 

There will be some snacks, tea and coffee but please don’t hesitate to bring your lunch with you.

Please call Dahlia in case of anything: +358442396035

Please RSVP your participation latest by 15.11.2022 on this email and cc on This will help us in organising the space and materials better. Members of Kiila/Catalysti have priority but if you are not a member of either of these associations, we will still be more than happy to have you too!

Looking forward to seeing you there.  


Kiila and Catalysti

Sun 20 Nov 2022 Closed today