3,2,1 (The Walk)

3,2,1 (The Walk)




09:16 – 09:16

Iiris Puustinen

2023, dance

Choreography: Iiris Puustinen
Dancers: Alen Nsambu, Iiris Puustinen, Elli Virtanen
Costume design: Angel Emmanuel

~ 20 min

The work starts in the museum’s lower lobby and ends in the exhibition hall

You can experience this dance performance by following the dancers while they move in the exhibition space. At the end of the performance, please gather next to the performers.

The dance piece 3,2,1 (The Walk) aims to bring fashion world aesthetics into the art exhibition. A new kind of rhythm is created in the space when the restrained atmosphere of the museum meets accelerating energy that draws from fashion shows. The outfits designed by Angel Emmanuel for the piece are made from recycled materials. Their textiles, weight, thickness and size add their own dimension to the dancers’ movement.

Wed 17 May 4 pm | 6 pm
Sat 20 May 1 pm

Wed 17 May 2023 – 20 May 2023 Closed today