Acceptance with Jella Bertell

Acceptance with Jella Bertell




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Recipe for success? Rather than list the ingredients, Vaimomatskuu blogger Jella Bertell ruminates on the demands for achievement – as well as the hunger for it – seasoned with the theme of Acceptance. Grub’s up at 8.15 am on Friday, June 2nd, CreativeMornings/Helsinki folks!

Is “making it big” the only goal worth pursuing? What about simply doing what you love, even if it’s a side dish to your main occupation? How can creativity thrive when efforts are measured in numbers – or when your inner critic seeks to stir the pot?

While known as a food blogger and photographer, teaching art students is what brings home the bread for Jella. Ambitious on each professional front and driven by all things visual, she will let you savour both the sweet and sour sides of the perfection-seeking food blogging scene.

Acceptance is a dish best served… well, I guess you’ll just have to join us at the Design Museum to find out! 

Prior to breakfast and Jella’s talk, you have the option to take part in a mindfulness session led by Ling Choi, starting at 8 am, do sign up for that as well.

We love our partners My Dear Kitchen in Helsinki, Helsinki Design Museum, Staroffset, Théhuone and Stadin Ao.

Bio by Eero Nurmi
Picture by Johannes Romppanen

Event accessibility:
Event is held at Helsinki Design Museum. Entrance for wheelchairs and prams from Ullanlinnankatu street. Design Museum has an obstacle-free lift, and a wheelchair-accessible toilet on the basement level (floor K).

Fri 02 Jun 2023 Closed today


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