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few clouds


Grit and silt

The works in the exhibition have been developing over the past couple of years, materialising in their present form during the first months of this year.

I have painted places and spaces in which I have spent, or would have liked to spend, more time. The paintings and drawings show some of the aims I have consciously and subconsciously set for myself. I have been wanting to paint recognisable motives, let colours meet on the surface, and allow my brushstrokes to be visible.

Routines and spaces of daily life ebb and flow into my work. In the ivory tower of my studio, I transform the slipping muddiness, the grit and silt of our courtyard sandbox, ordering water and texture into a composed surface; a painting.

The exhibition consists of fresco and watercolour paintings, lithographs and a colouring book for children that is free to take.

Annaliisa Krage (born 1993) is a visual artist living and working in Espoo. Krage graduated with a MFA from the class of Antje Majewski at Muthesius University, Kiel in 2019. She has previously held solo exhibitions at Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki (2018), Galerie Pleiku, Berlin (2022) as well as a duo-show with Meike Schlemmer at Gallery Cubeplus, Kiel (2019). In January 2023 Krage participated in the In Continuous Dialogue -group exhibition curated by Noora Lehtovuori at Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki.

Wed 24 May 2023 – 18 Jun 2023 Closed today


few clouds

Pieni Roobertinkatu 10,
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