Annika Fuhrmann & Ida Lindgren, Jane Rigler, Sergio Castrillón & Natalia Castrillón

Annika Fuhrmann & Ida Lindgren, Jane Rigler, Sergio Castrillón & Natalia Castrillón




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Annika Fuhrmann & Ida Lindgren

“Serious Playgrounds” is a live performance combining light art, shadow puppetry and electro acoustic sound improvisation by Ida Lindgren and Annika Fuhrmann. During the performance, continuously changing images and colors are projected onto the walls using an overhead projector. Together with the soundscape created by human voices and electronics, they weave a bizarre and dreamlike story that transports the audience into unexpected worlds.

Annika Fuhrmann is a versatile singer, musician, and sound artist, who is most at home in the fields of experimental music theater, sound art, improvisation, and contemporary music. Annika has premiered several works composed for her and has performed in interdisciplinary projects with artists from various fields. At the moment, she is drawn to honesty, roughness, incompleteness, and vulnerability in music making rather than technical perfection. Annika is eager to experiment with new working methods and constantly seeks new ways to express herself.

Ida Lindgren is a Helsinki-based artist who primarily works with moving images, photography, and textiles. She approaches her subjects through materials and play, following intuition and the vibrations of her environment. In her work, she strives for unfinished thinking and gentle communication. In recent years, her main themes have included care, the fluidity of the human body, the blurring of boundaries, and the oddities of everyday life.

Improvised music by Jane Rigler, Sergio Castrillón, and Natalia Castrillón.

Jane Rigler (flute/electronics/composer) creates music that is influenced by nature, movement, languages, and dreaming. A certified Deep Listening© facilitator, she offers inclusive, multi-sensorial listening experiences globally. She thrives at artist residencies like Civitella Ranieri, Montalvo, Ucross, and Harvestworks that promote her collaborative nature. During her US-Japan Friendship Creative Artist Fellowship (2009-2010), she studied Noh theatre and performed over 15 concerts in Japan. She has toured in over ten countries offering workshops and interactive concerts. She explored Ireland on a Fulbright Award (2019-20) teaching, studying, and composing. A former Associate Professor at the University of Colorado (UCCS) teaching flute, computer music, sound art, and contemporary performance practice, she is now working on expanding education to expand Deep Listening through a trauma lens. She is working on a coaching certificate through Organic Intelligence, is an Affiliate Faculty at the Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience, and is collaborating with neuroscientists and therapists to develop restorative and nervous system regulation techniques.

Sergio Castrillón is a classically trained cellist with a deep passion for multidisciplinary projects, experimentalism, and improvisation. He has premiered and recorded numerous pieces, including his compositions, and collaborated with various composers, artists, and researchers. In recent years, his role as an instrumentalist has expanded into the realms of experimental film, theater, physical theater, contemporary dance, contemporary circus, and performance art. Along this creative journey, Sergio has explored various sonic possibilities for his cello, experimenting with modifications, amplifications, and tunings to create a unique and dynamic instrumental identity.

Natalia Castrillón is a versatile Colombian harpist, singer, improviser, and music creator with deep roots in Latin American, Classical, and Global music. Based in Helsinki for several years, she has become a sought-after musician known for her ability to transcend genre boundaries and touch listeners. Castrillón has developed a unique playing style that blends innovative and traditional harp techniques. Alongside her work as a freelance harpist, she engages in various interdisciplinary projects. Alongside her freelance work, she engages in various interdisciplinary projects. She is a guest music pedagogue as well as a co-producer of cultural events at Interkult Ry.

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