Art For All Festival

Art For All Festival




10:01 – 10:01

The Festival is open to audiences 26 – 28.8.2022.

The art festival takes over Kaisaniemi Botanical Garden. The event presents emerging artists from different disciplines. The Art for All movement aims for better cross-artistic cooperation and a community where everyone is welcome. It brings art to unusual places and for all audiences to enjoy.

The artworks are located in the outdoor garden, some interior spaces and partly in the greenhouses. During the festival weekend the outdoor garden will be open 9-22:00 and the greenhouses 15-22:00. On Saturday 27.8. the greenhouses will be open for free and on other days with the admission fee or museum card.

This year’s festival lifts up emerging voices in the field of art and brings art closer to the people of the city in new and surprising environments. Festival’s theme UNDER-GROUND reflects on soil as a model of coexistence and transformation. The festival will study the dialogue between art and science as the artists collaborate with the garden’s researchers.

The festival is preceded by a week-long “garden residency” where the artists build up their work in a cross-artistic environment. The garden is open as usual throughout that time and you are welcome to see the artists at work.

Fri 26 Aug 2022 – 28 Aug 2022 Closed today