between us

between us




11:00 – 18:00


clear sky


Can I tell you something?

The exhibition between us delves into the world of secrecy. It examines the theme of secrecy from different angles. What kinds of secrets do we carry? How do we experience something that is often left hidden in society? What processes of secrecy can art contain – and perhaps convey?

Keeping a secret can work as a strategy to gatekeep, to oppress or perhaps to keep oneself safe. Some secrets are light bonds between friends, and some carry the power to cause harm. The mechanisms and effects of secrets are vast and varied. 

The 11 artists in the exhibition explore the subject on a broad scale, from the private sphere to the surrounding world, often through the intersection of the two. The artists’ works explore family histories, illness, political processes, sexuality, love, intimacy, power, and spirituality, among others.

The Praxis exhibition takes place at Kuva/Tila every other year. The Praxis Master’s Programme in Exhibition Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts focuses on exhibiting and mediating art. The 2024 exhibition is curated by six Praxis students: Isabela Hueara Carneiro, Elif Erdoğan, Sonja Linkoneva, Yilin Ma, Silja Pasila ja Remi Vesala.


Naomi Holopainen
Wanda Holopainen
Amanda Hunt
Maija Pilvikki Kimanen
Heta Kuchka
Ville Laurinkoski
Daniel Palpa
Roope Pyykönen
Nóra Somos
Kaino Wennerstrand
Rong-Ci Zhang

Fri 08 Mar 2024 – 27 Mar 2024 11:00 – 18:00


clear sky

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