Dimmet Light

Dimmet Light




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light rain

Dimmet is the time between day and night. It’s at the cusp of light and dark. This dimmet can be seen as obscurity, a point in the season or a period in history. The name of our exhibition Dimmet Light speaks to the value of convening and greeting each other in a dimmet time.

Our group exhibits painting, photography, installation and moving image works. A performance by Hanna Ijäs will debut at the opening night of the exhibition. The artists contributing to our exhibition are recent graduates and graduate students from the Academy of fine Arts Helsinki, Royal Academy of Art The Hague and Aalto University.

Taiteilijat/The artists: Elisa Aaltonen, Hanna Ijäs, Emma Johansson, Kaisa-Maria Laiho, Johanna Lapinleimu, Riikka Salminen ja Maria Valkeavuolle.

Avajaiset 13.12.2022 klo 17-20

Performanssi klo 18.30 / Hanna Ijäs

Näyttely avoinna:

Ke 14.12. klo 15-20

To 15.12. klo 15-20

Pe 16.12 klo 15-20

La 17.12 klo 12-18

Mon 12 Dec 2022 – 17 Dec 2022 Closed today


light rain

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