Discussion on Education and Activism in Afghanistan

Discussion on Education and Activism in Afghanistan




17:39 – 17:39

Welcome to discuss the situation of education in Afghanistan!

Silti minä nousen will hold a discussion event on Thursday the 3rd of November at 18 in Lymy (Pengerkatu 6). We will hear news from the Rahnaward-e-Noor school and plan ways to support the school and its students. We will also present our other activities and discuss the possibilites for activism after the seizure of Kabul in 2021. Tea, coffee and snacks will be served. Let’s talk and learn from each other.

Silti minä nousen is a new association founded in April 2022. Our goal is to do solidarity work with the grass roots groups in Afghanistan and in Pakistan. Our main interests are vulnerable groups, education and decolonizing aid. We want to build networks and create connections in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Finland. Welcome, and please spread the word to people who might be interested!

Thu 03 Nov 2022 Closed today

Pengerkatu 6
00530 Helsinki