Eeva-Leena Eklund: TOAST

Eeva-Leena Eklund: TOAST




12:00 – 17:00

Eeva-Leena Eklund’s exhibition awakens hilarity and peace in balance. Bold colour choices and surprising layouts in the works make you explore the works even closer and immerse oneself in the world they create. The works give the freedom to be immersed in a world in which colors and shapes are free to paint a universe full of love.

Everyday forms and experiences blossom through the abstract playfulness of the works, whose peaceful rebellion halts and commands to calm down around to be with the works. I wish the whole world could stop together and breathe this disobedient serenity within their bodies and minds.

Text: 16.5.2022 Essi Saarikoski / The youth of Monitoimitila O.

Sat 21 May 2022 – 19 Jun 2022 12:00 – 17:00