Eliska Kovacikova: SUBSTRUCTURES

Eliska Kovacikova: SUBSTRUCTURES




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Opening on Thu 7th September 18–21, welcome!

Eeva Juuti & Jonas Morgenthaler:

Collage Journals

At the surface level of the sun it is impossible to look around, but you
won’t have to. The senses just bubble up into new combinations suited to
this atmosphere, heartbeat almost a precursor to all that is here,
orbits the central heatwave. On your way here, you reverse engineered
yourself back to star matter— took your jacket off backwards in time (we
can hang it here) and dropped your act (you may blow it up again later
anyways). For now, little is necessary to seep into that beat that
bursts life every which way—All is born out of a condition of smallness,
of nuclei, due to this. Far, far behind us preparations of a lifetime of
personhood dissolves as the core of the matter approaches undeniably.
Dreams flicker last, whispered like a cheat at a biology test, offering
us codes we won’t know how to take. Lulled by the lava-like curvature,
nearly swallowed by a grand finale just to start again, we are getting
further infused in a geometry we are trying to map out. You and I form
an alliance by this light stream, the only life forms we’ve ever  known
on the sun itself, protruding at each assumption we could grab a hold
of. While I cannot look at your eyes to confirm, colors seep through the

We are the mechanisms for that show-off of light. Gossiping about the
impossible (all that we are but can’t contain in a wardrobe), yet
entrusting the duty of a new sundial to each item that orbits our
circumference. Leaving crumps of eye-candy to lock pick with just for
its dynamic sequence, for the love of life inhabiting details, the only
package truth comes in. Everything is sited and recited by formulaic
habits around the centrifuge of what we have picked up on our previous
trip. The impossible centrality we all possess (and when I talk to you I
hear you from in there.) “A big twist in the span of a few years
increases spine mobility.” You say and hit the hi-hats. There are a few
definitives left to scrabble like a ring of puzzles enacting a bouquet.
I am beginning to realize I have already deciphered something. Like I
don’t need most of my explanations, either.

If you know which doors they open, all accessories have a function,
biologists will know this. All blank space can be celestial distance
depending on your dimensions. With their works, Eeva and Jonas show us
artifacts from generative equations ranging from the personal to the
fundamental, stretched into a momentary permanence on display. Like a
button that sparks programmed associations when pressed, these
iterations of life whether cosmic, organic or crafted and collected,
serve us hints of their respective spheres. Shaped by each viewer’s
orientation in the midst of narratives, perhaps re-programmed by their
interests. Here, the speed limit for travel from one object to another
is akin to our neural synapses’ firing. The distance is of a kind of
software spirit, that projects a plethora of decor as its hardware.
That’s what we are all dressed up in. Form is forged out of our
rumination on what we’ve singled out as our distinguished taste. Picked
out from the pool of main-stream—the grand scheme. Distillation is
casual as it is necessary, as the ozone layer filters the ultraviolet
light we filter the subsidiary lights, flashing off of the seams.

Exhibition text Cemre Eraslan
Exhibition poster Max Glader
Sponsored by The Helsinki Distilling Company



Eliska Kovacikova

‘SUBSTRUCTURES’ is Eliska Kovacikova’s mixed media installation that investigates the seemingly insignificant elements of urban landscapes. The site-specific work through various media and artistic techniques attempts to display the texture of the city, and its hidden structures that are essential but invisible in many ways, such as scaffolding, building foundations, supporting skeletons of constructions, etc. The large-scale work is imagined to be a sort of visual echo of these hidden territories.

The installation consists of black recycled ropes and Japanese papers with a multiplied printed composition of exterior house cladding and relief prints. By focusing on the dialogue between these materials and their shadows in the surroundings, the entire exhibition room becomes an abstract realm. Where these materials lose their physicality and blend into each other.

Through the diversity of form, mediums, and content, Eliska creates a unique possibility to not only look but also understand moments of never-visible states. A pause to stand still and be surprised by substructures in the middle of a city.


Eliska Kovacikova is a Slovakian, Stockholm-based visual artist, primarily dealing with the theme of space analysis, aiming to scrutinise and unfold its layers in various ways to unexpected visions. She holds a BA in Printmaking from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. She took part in several study programs in Finland, Lithuania, Russia, and at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden. Her work has been featured in solo- and group exhibitions in Sweden and abroad. Her artistic practice encompasses printmaking, drawing, sculpture, and large-scale site-specific installations with a focus on experimental approaches, spatial examinations, and cross-media practices.


This project is supported by the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture.

Fri 08 Sep 2023 – 28 Sep 2023 Closed today


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