EMMA Talks: Whose safety?

EMMA Talks: Whose safety?




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16:30 – 18:45
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Increasingly, the private security industry plays a crucial role in upholding public order and defining what safety means in our society. Contracted guards are obliged by law to perform their job in a peaceful manner, without bias and prevent discrimination, yet work protocols, and the system they operate within also constantly produce discriminatory and exclusionary practices in public spaces, such as ethnic profiling and excessive use of force. In this discussion, various experts will address the way in which the industry creates unsafe environments, changes that have been implemented in security organizations to tackle this and what more can be done to make public space safer for all.

Markus Himanen, Doctoral Researcher, Centre for Research on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism (CEREN)
Mikko Kemppainen, General Counsel, Securitas Finland
Libin Mohamed, Secretary General, African Anti-Racism Society Finland (AFARS)
Pilvi Takala, artist

The talk will be moderated by Javiera Marchant Aedo, Equality expert and -educator

The discussion will be held in Finnish, but a recording of the talk will be made available with English subtitles after the event.

The event is free, but requires registration. Please sign up for the event here.  You can also join the event online without registration via Facebook Live.

We ask everyone attending the event to follow our safer space policy.

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