Emmi Pennanen: Luolavertaus

Emmi Pennanen: Luolavertaus




08:49 – 08:49


few clouds


Opening hours

Monday 20.3. 18–21
Tuesday 21.3. 12–20
Wednesday 22.3. 12–16

Short performance

Monday 20.3. 19
Tuesday 21.3. 15 and 19
Wednesday 22.3. 15

The installation Luolavertaus explores the embodied nature of abstract spatial reasoning. The aim of the artistic working process has been to intertwine dance and mathematics through their possibilities in spatial fantasizing. In the installation hyperbolic paper counters the Euclideanstructures of the room, and a human-camera-cyborg is caught dancing on a screen.

The exhibition is part of the master’s thesis of Emmi Pennanen.

Emmi Pennanen is a Helsinki based freelance dancer and a master’s student of Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art at Aalto University. They hold a bachelor’s degree of mathematics from the University of Helsinki. In dance Emmi has recently worked in roles such as artistic collaborator, choreographer, and performer in several differently organized working groups. As a dancer they have worked with Tero Saarinen Company, Makeshift Company, and SivuunEnsemble among others.

Mon 20 Mar 2023 – 22 Mar 2023 Closed today


few clouds

Kristianinkatu 16
00170 Helsinki