Freja Bäckman & Tari Doris: Cutovers – concert de fin d’année

Freja Bäckman & Tari Doris: Cutovers – concert de fin d’année




05:34 – 05:34

With: Tekstin Talo

The corps de ballet has vanished. Left in the woods is a slow concert at the end of the year. The group has become a phantasmagoria in the murky forest. This low-frequency piece is playing with suspension, as a gesture of what might have been or what might come. 

The work builds on circles of repetition. It continues to contemplate on the uncanniness of togetherness and cozyness as another iteration of Freja Bäckman’s body of work I was told I chop wood like a ballet dancer (2015- ).

This concert, performance/installation is a collaboration between Tari Doris and Freja Bäckman. Bäckman and Doris have also worked together on the previous part of this series, publishing the vinyl record Spruce Spray Shadings (2022).

Another iteration of Cutovers is part of the Mad House publication #4.

Initiator, text, installation, voice, bass by Freja Bäckman
Voice, bass and guitar, sound design by Tari Doris
Voice by Teo Ala-Ruona
Light design by Erno Aaltonen
Sound designer and hand-built subwoofers: Tatu Nenonen
Artistic dialogue by Vappu Jalonen
Funded by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Svenska Kulturfonden
Production by Freja Bäckman & Mad House Helsinki

Freja Bäckman works as an artist, educator, and researcher. Using text, sound, performance and installation, they explore collective formations, sites of negotiation, and the multifaceted aspects of language. Iterations of I was told I chop wood like a ballet dancer (ongoing) has been shown as part of both solo and group shows, in the form of vinyl records, objects and performance/installations.

Tari Doris works in the field of performing arts as a performer, sound designer, composer, and musician. Significant collaborations have been Kid Kokon’s GENDERFUCK – sukupuolipoetiikkaa, how to host something as a cloud, Disappearing – a passion ja Tuire Tuomiston SHAWARMA – pahan koreografia, Post Corpse eli kraa kraa and Freja Bäckman’s works Midnight Cowboy and Spruce Spray Shadings.

15.12. at 19
16.12. at 19
17.12. at 15

Mad House Helsinki, Lintulahdenkatu 3, Helsinki




The room is equipped with mattresses and pillows. Folding chairs are also available. The performance contains loud sounds, but no sudden loud noises.

The room is dim during the show. The performance contains theater smoke.

Fri 15 Dec 2023 – 17 Dec 2023 Closed today