Germany’s Debt Was Cancelled. Why Can’t The Global South’s Be?

Germany’s Debt Was Cancelled. Why Can’t The Global South’s Be?




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Debt for Climate! Finland

Welcome to Debt for Climate Finland dialogue evening & dinner! 

On Monday 27th February we gather together to discuss ecological & financial debt. We look 70 years back, into 1953 when #Germany got their debt cancelled, and together with the global movement we ask: why not the Global South?

Political ecologist Toni Ruuska from Helsinki university will be speaking with us about debt and the economic systems which were designed by the Global North to benefit the Global North. 

What should rich countries, like Germany or Finland, do in this situation?

Free entry! 
Location: Museum of Impossible Forms in Kontula (Keinulaudankuja 4). 
Time: Doors open 5pm. Program starts: 6pm. 

Language: The event is two language finnish and english and there are amaeur activist interpreter at the place. 

Everyone is welcome to the event! No previous knowledge of colonialism or debt as part of the ecocrisis is required. By discussing together we learn from each other! 

You may donate some money to cover the food costs (2-3 euro for example) at the event. 

Mon 27 Feb 2023 Closed today


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Keinulaudankuja 4 E, 00940 Helsinki