Helsinki Open Waves 

Helsinki Open Waves 




09:00 – 19:00


light rain

Wed 9.12.2020 – Sun 31.12.2023
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Helsinki Open Waves (HOW) is a translingual non-profit, community strength art platform that aims to initiate a new sustainable space for all languages where people can represent themselves with their languages and culture.

To contribute to a more diverse society without borders.

Within this platform, we explore, rethink, and reimagine new ways for a translingual society to challenge the hegemony of monolingualism.

There are several themes introduced each month regarding different topics. You can choose your preferred topics and send your proposals via the Open Call page on the
Helsinki Open Waves (HOW) website.

Helsinki Open Waves (HOW) provides:
● Rent-free sound recording equipment.
● Rent-free studio facilities at its “performance & recording room” at Kulttuurikeskus
● TEOSTO license for the recorded & live streamings via HOW website only.
● Technical supervisor for your recordings, editing, mixing, and live streamings.
● Full support for you to produce your work with your full artistic independence, and
you own all the copyrights of your content.
● Visibility for your work by promoting on HOW’s social media platforms and
exhibiting your work on the HOW website

Helsinki Open Waves (HOW) does not broadcast any content that is sexist, xenophobic,homophobic or contains any other form of othering towards oppressed communities or
languages. We do not support any content that uses propaganda tools to promote a religion or a 
political party.

Helsinki Open Waves (HOW) operates its live performances from HOW’s performance & recording room at Kulttuurikeskus CAISA: 4 B, Helsinki).

Follow our activities through our website and other social media platforms :

Wed 09 Dec 2020 – 31 Dec 2023 09:00 – 19:00


light rain

Kaikukatu 4 B,
00530 Helsinki