Helsinki Poetry Connection Goes Puisto!

Helsinki Poetry Connection Goes Puisto!




07:19 – 07:19

Helsinki Poetry Connections Open Mic-summerclub HPC Goes Puisto! is coming again from it’s winter break. In Lapinlahden lähde 17.6. from 4.00 PM to 7.00 PM We are about to see poetrys ever flourishing creativity in it’s poly furry glory. Concept is that we sit in a park in good company and warmly sunny atmosphere, listening to poetry, getting inspired by it. 

Afternoon starts with two warm-up performers, witch after the main performers, being you, get the stage for use, to interpret your self written poems. As poetry is recognised all the performances that the performer him-/her-/themself, in way or another dares to call poetry, as long as you keep your trousers on and performances time under four minutes. 

As the warm-up performers we have nothing-no-more-ashaiming Pulina Elli and the country’s leading specialist of “Kevät pörriäinen”, Juho Nieminen. 

HPCGP is hosted by Katja Korhonen, also known from Open Mic, together with Jussi Kiova, also known from Tenhos Poetry Slams. You are warmly welcome! 


In Helsinki Poetry Connection ry’s events we don’t tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind. We gather to shared experience with peace, creativity and compassion. Please check our safer space instructions from HPC’s Word Wide Web-site:…/ 

Sat 17 Jun 2023 Closed today