Iida Pii: An attempt to solve all the logistical problems of a sculpture

Iida Pii: An attempt to solve all the logistical problems of a sculpture




12:00 – 17:00


few clouds

Welcome to the exhibition opening on Thursday 2 February 2023 from 5–7 pm in the presence of the artist!

Artist will be present also at the gallery on Sunday 5 February from 2–3 pm and on Sunday 26 February between 2–4 pm.

Everything is bursting

The world is a bedroom chair with a big pile of little used clothes

It would feel bad to make any lumps now that they won’t fit anywhere

I feel like I don’t want to make more that I can carry

I’ve already trained deadlifts so that I can handle how heavy things are


I’ll make a butterfly out of a windbreaker jacket

Small, and a for a moment, big

It’s waiting in its bag like a raincoat

For the moment to emerge

It’s situational awareness that lumps lack


Only change is eternal

Although the sculptures usually try to argue otherwise

Adapt or die

But we won’t die

Because we’re goretex, baby

I’ll turn my life into airgel and come to you

I’ll pack it up in the hallway

The exhibition has been supported by the Paulo Foundation and the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.


The main materials of my works are thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, to assemble them, I also need to purchase and make different utensils.

I follow a pale blue thread.
From the edges of mind maps, you can find crumbs that attract each other, condensing what is essential between them.

Everything connects with



-unspoken agreements

-extended Lundia shelves

Fri 03 Feb 2023 – 26 Feb 2023 12:00 – 17:00


few clouds

Eteläranta 12
00130 Helsinki