In the Mirror of Care Work

In the Mirror of Care Work




07:13 – 07:13

Join us to experience In the Mirror of Care Work‘s performative interviews, scores for collective reflections, and get a glimpse of the project’s publication. You will also hear about initiatives involving Helsinki-based artists and organisations while enjoying a homemade brunch.

19.1. at 13-17
– workshop in post-liminal care for artists

Our work is full of endings; how to care for what comes after? During the workshop, we will work with hands-on tools to deal with the time that follows a performance production. The workshop will include collective post-liminal blues interviews guided by Inga Gerner Nielsen

What do you need once the end comes? Which states do you fall into? What would it mean, and what would we need, if we viewed our artistic practice as care work? What kind of protocols and institutions does performance as care work need?

We’ll engage in collective discussions, imagine and explore collegial acts of support, and close the afternoon with a magic potion by Hildegarde von Bingen

The workshop is hosted by Inga Gerner Nielsen and Daniela Pascual Esparza.

20.1. at 12-14:30
-public talk open for all

We warmly welcome you all to a conversation between In the Mirror of Care Work, Tea Andreoletti and The Institute of Care, a project initiated by Vienne Chan in collaboration with Trojan Horse, Tuukka Haapakorpi, and m-cult.

The discussion, facilitated by Daniela Pascual Esparza, brings together artists and professionals who are creating thresholds at the intersection of art and other fields. In the Mirror of Care Work opens the possibility to discuss and reflect on what happens when we look at ourselves – our practice, skills, needs, working conditions – through the lens of another. For Inga Gerner Nielsen and Ar Utke Ács, the other is the nurse. 

We’re inviting our guest speakers to share who is on the other end of the mirror for them and reflect on their encounters with alterity. The mirror emerges as a path for finding synergies, differences, and overlaps; it is both a tool for introspection and coming together. When is mirroring an act of care? Or, more simply, what happens when we practice it? 

During our time together, there will be moments of collective reflection and play. This encounter is open to all, especially to those who feel curious about the relationships between performance and care work, and about hands-on approaches for working cross-sectorally in the cultural field.

Brunch starting at 11:15 and the talk will begin at 12:00. Free entrance.

In the Mirror of Care Work is initiated by performance artist Inga Gerner Nielsen with a knowledge production team consisting of choreographer Ar Utke Ács and publisher Nat Marcus. The project is a collaboration with the Nursing Education at UCN (DK), Mad House Helsinki (FI), The Institute of Care (FI), MDT (SE) and Tabloid Press (DE) and is supported by Nordisk Kulturfond.

Fri 19 Jan 2024 – 20 Jan 2024 Closed today