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3.11. — 26.11.2023

An exhibition of works that artist James Prevett has made together with other people.

Together With is part of the Linnamo Prize awarded to Prevett in 2021 for his committed and open-minded artistic practice. Together With includes live radio broadcasts from the gallery and beyond, events, workshops, and documentation of works made over the past 8 years.

James Prevett has two intersecting methods of artistic practice: studio-based making and a social practice. Both revolve around sculpture and its social relations. Prevett often works with other people to explore these and bring an open-ended and poly-vocal approach to art making. The artwork is less finished product and more a catalyst to gather people together to seek unforeseen possibilities. When we make things together, we collectivise our voice and challenge accepted understandings of art and creativity.

Together with focuses on the social side of James’ practice, showing works made together with other people. It features new works such as OOO(Out of Office) Radio (made with Samantha Lippett and Timo Vaittinen) and Organic Sound Society (with Maarit Mustonen and Stina Saari) as well as older works such as Isolation Sculptures made with his daughter Lempi during COVID lockdown. OOO Radio is a mobile community radio focussing on experimental sound, art and radio that broadcasts from a bike trailer. OOO Radio is central to the exhibition broadcasting live events, works by other artists, recordings and open slots for anybody to contribute and make radio. Organic Sound Society is a loose collective for people with no musical training who want to make sound together. People can join jamming sessions or simply play the homemade instruments in the exhibition.

There are workshops throughout the exhibition that people can join. Transitional Modelling is a guided modelling workshop making double headed portraits out of clay. Helsinki Monument is a workshop to collectively make a new nomadic public monument that will go on to tour private homes in Helsinki. The exhibition also shows documentation of other works such as the ongoing Patsastellaan: Parties for Public Sculpture series, where James invites other artists to work with him to make a new work beginning from an existing public sculpture.


OOO (Out of Office) Radio broadcasts throughout the exhibition
Check schedule at:
There are weekly open slots for anyone to make radio. Let us know what you want to do by email at:

Organic Sound Society Jamming sessions (about 1.5 hrs):
Tue 7.11.23  at 10:00  /  Tue 14.11.23 at 16:00  /  Sat 25.11.23 at 12:30
Free and no registration needed. Just come along and join.

Helsinki Monument workshop (Around 2 hrs.):
Sat 11.11.23 at 10:30
Please email to join

Transitional Modelling workshop (1hr.):
Sat 4.11.23 at 14:00 /  Sat 11.11.23 at 14:00 / Sun 19.11.23 at 13:00 / Sat 25.11.23 at 15:00
Free and no registration. Just turn up to the gallery.

Supported by Olga and Vilho Linnamo Foundation,  Kone Foundation, and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

James Prevett is a British artist and teacher living and working in Helsinki since 2013. He has two intersecting modes of artistic practice: studio based making and a social practice. Both revolve around sculpture and its social relations. Prevett is interested in sculpture as a means to explore the limits of minds and bodies, both personal and collective. He often works with other people to bring and open-ended and poly-vocal approach to art making. He has exhibited widely including in UK, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Thailand, USA, Austria and Brazil, and was part of a team that represented Great Britain at the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2006. His works are in the Kiasma, Finnish National Gallery collection and numerous private collections. In 2021 he was awarded the inaugural Linnamo Prize, by the Olga and Vilho Linnamo Foundation for committed exploration shown in artistic practice. Prevett is a Lecturer in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Uniarts Helsinki and in 2023 curated Kuvan Kevät.

Fri 03 Nov 2023 – 26 Nov 2023 Closed today


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