Janina Rajakangas & working group: Venus

Janina Rajakangas & working group: Venus




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Performance information:

Tue 22.11.2022 18:00

Thu 24.11.2022 14:00

Thu 24.11.2022 18:00

Fri 25.11.2022 14:00

Fri 25.11.2022 18:00

Villa Salin

Tiirasaarentie 2, 00200 Helsinki

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Basic ticket 17€

Support ticket 35€

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Language: English

Duration: ca. 1h


Flickering lights

Once a girl starts laughing, she needs to keep on laughing


Once a girl starts clapping she needs to keep on clapping


Once a girl starts crying she needs to keep on crying

Bu-huu bu-huu bu-huu bu-huu

Once a girl starts screaming she needs to keep on screaming


Venus is a piece made with teenage girls. It is a piece about the erotization of youth and what it is to be a girl in the 2020s. It is a project about a teenage girl growing up in a patriarchal society. 

Venus reveals the part outsiders play in the understanding and appreciation of beauty and  value in a girl’s life.

It tells you where we are at

It opens everyday feminist fights had by youth

It forces the ghosting needy subject to fall (for a moment)

And draws Venus again by the means of contemporary dance, performance and song.



Mea: I’m 18 years old. I attend upper secondary and dance is an important way for me to express myself. I enjoy trying out new things. I’m also passionate about crafts.

Seela: I’m 16 years old and dancing is my passion. I have been in a dance class and I also dance in my spare time. I am interested in many arts, such as music and crafts. I can’t decide which one is the nicest. 

Natalia: I’m 15 years old. I dance and go to comprehensive school. I like performing a lot, but also reading and writing.

Volta: I am 13 years old. I practice singing. I also like to read. I’m in secondary school in the music program.

Working group:

Choreographer/director: Janina Rajakangas

Choreographer’s assistant: Maija Reeta Raumanni

Founding idea: Volta Rajakangas-Moussaoui

Co-choreographers/performers: Natalia Foster, Mea Holappa, Seela Merenluoma, Volta Rajakangas-Moussaoui

Spatial & lighting design: Alina Pajula

Costume design: Kirsi Gum

Sound design: Tuuli Kyttälä

Producer: Ulrika Vilke 

The piece is performed in Villa Salin, owned by The Feminist Association Unioni.

Tue 22 Nov 2022 – 25 Nov 2022 Closed today


clear sky

Baltic Circle office
Tunturikatu 16
00100 Helsinki