KATVE [blind spot]: Invisible Hedgehog | Auraco: Whoopsy-Daisy, Where Are You?

KATVE [blind spot]: Invisible Hedgehog | Auraco: Whoopsy-Daisy, Where Are You?




12:05 – 12:05



Sun 30.10.2022 at 15.00 Kanneltalon konserttisali

Klaneettitie 5, Helsinki 19,50 / 16,50 / 10 €, Viikonloppulippu 24 / 14 €

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Auraco’s performance has been replaced. Instead of Mr. Kookaburra and Kukkaroo we get to see the show Whoopsy-Daisy, Where Are You?, and of course The Invisible Hedgehog. Two shows for the price of one!

An invisible hedgehog and a master inspector detective in the swirls of dance.

3 p.m. KATVE [blind spot]: Invisible Hedgehog
“Pssst, what are you doing? Don’t be alarmed. Don’t step down. It’s me – the Invisible Hedgehog.”

KATVE [blind spot] contemporary dance group’s work, The Invisible Hedgehog, premiers during the Power of Dance
festival on 27.10. 2022 in Kanneltalo. The work is in Finnish and interpreted into sign language.

The main character of the work is Dancer Momo. Momo calls the Invisible Hedgehog, who has lived among humans since the dawn of time and has met, among others, Mr. Chaplin, an Indian astronomer and perhaps the love of their life.

The Invisible Hedgehog is a dance piece about the power of imagination, capable of creating a new reality.

The performance features sign-language interpretation
Duration approx. 30 min
Age recommendation 4+

Facebook: @KATVEblindspot
Instagram: katve_blindspot

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4 pm. Auraco: Whoopsy-Daisy, Where Are You?

Master inspector detective Whoopsy-Daisy from the Master Inspector Detective Agency takes every assignment – even the wildest one. A simple task can turn into a most peculiar adventure when it comes to our master inspector detective.

Everyday stumbles can take the master inspector detective Whoopsy-Daisy into surprising imaginary worlds – into space and deep waters.

Dance, clownery, mime
Non-verbal performance
Duration: approx. 20 min + audience discussion approx. 15 min
Age recommendation: over 4 years old

Master inspector detective Whoopsy-Daisy: Jouni Bäckström
Direction: Päivi Aura, Kati Lehtola
Sound design: Jouni Bäckström
Script: working group
Sound control: Kati Lehtola
Main picture: Keanne van de Kreeke (drawing and execution), Aïna Canivet (photo)
Other photos: Juha Hilpas

Sun 30 Oct 2022 Closed today



Klaneettitie 5,
00420 Helsinki