LEGACY II: Unde Sitis? Where do you come from?

LEGACY II: Unde Sitis? Where do you come from?




06:27 – 06:27

What are the remains of our ancestors’ inheritance? What will be left to our descendants? These are the questions proposed by Satu Kalliokuusi in this exhibition. Kalliokuusi has worked as a professional visual artist for decades, developing a style based on the research and use of natural pigments, ecological materials, and organic painting techniques. She can be considered a pioneer in the advent of new materials philosophy in contemporary art. The exhibition features paintings and sculptures made from recycled and natural materials, including organic dyes.

The main theme is the folklore tradition derived from the connection between man and nature: the spirits (ESSENCE) of man and nature dissolve and become one. Kalliokuusi elevates tradition to the language of contemporary art and culture, allowing the viewer to feel the continuity and bond with our rich cultural heritage. Her influences come from Eastern Finland, Lapland, and Estonia.

Kalliokuusi is an environmental activist: in her work she often deals with themes such as local mining disputes and forestry policy. These are central subjects in contemporary environmental art.

ARTIST MEETING Sun 14.5.2023 Satu Kalliokuusi will be in the gallery from 12–16, taking us through the exhibition’s works and applied techniques.

Satu Kalliokuusi (b. 1965 in Kouvola), Helsinki-based painter and visual artist. She has acted as curator and project director for Art Äkäslompolo Contemporary Art Community and different environmental art projects in cooperation with the Lapland Artists’ Association (Kolari). She has also worked in various Helsinki Artists’ Associations international cooperation projects. Kalliokuusi is a member of the Outi Heiskanen’s Heavenly Academy art collective.

Wed 03 May 2023 – 21 May 2023 Closed today