Lotta Djupsund: Pyrin pitkäaikaiseen suhteeseen todellisuuden kanssa III

Lotta Djupsund: Pyrin pitkäaikaiseen suhteeseen todellisuuden kanssa III




05:32 – 05:32


clear sky

Hippolyte Studio

Lotta Djupsund’s exhibition Pyrin pitkäaikaiseen suhteeseen todellisuuden kanssa III (Striving for a long-term relationship with reality III) consists of hundreds of photographs from the artist’s archive as well as handwritten texts on the walls of the gallery space. The photographs are recordings of various situations and feelings; land, water, sky, human figures, and landscapes—the results of collecting. The texts on the walls are, among other things, notes of moments and locations the photographs were taken. The work borrows visuals from home albums and concept maps, expanding weekly with new images, and will only be ready at the time of de-installation.

Pyrin pitkäaikaiseen suhteeseen todellisuuden kanssa III is an attempt to structure the seemingly messy everyday life by documenting it. It is a kind of explanation of the world and a play in which the experience of uncertainty can be overcome by controlling one’s imagery. The work is structured associatively and combines recognisable topics, repetition, opposites, and familiar shapes and forms—all the things that language is built on and used to categorise the world.

In the exhibition Djupsund wants to show the compulsive documentation as well as the joy of taking photographs – two things that are not mutually exclusive, but exist side by side. The work also poses questions about one’s relationship with reality and how endless image-taking repeats and reproduces our relationship with the world. Memories are unreliable and contradictory; everyday facts cannot necessarily be verified, and text and images do not always necessarily support each other.

 The previous version of the work was shown in the spring of 2021 at the Porvoo Kunstahalle as part of the group exhibition Buy grapes, plums, get to know yourself.

Lotta Djupsund (b. 1980) is a photographic artist based in Helsinki. She graduated from Turku Arts Academy in 2011. Currently, she is studying in the Master’s Programme of Photography at Aalto University. She has worked at the Harakka Artists’ House since 2017. Djupsund’s works are often initiated by linguistic or conceptual observations. She is interested in the differences between everyday and artistic experiences and the mental spaces where they take place. Find out more: Instagram @dj__lotta

The exhibition is supported by Föreningen Konstsamfundet.

Fri 03 Feb 2023 – 26 Feb 2023 Closed today


clear sky

Yrjönkatu 8-10,
00120 Helsinki, Finland