Minja Yletyinen: Worn, ragged

Minja Yletyinen: Worn, ragged




07:17 – 07:17


broken clouds

Minja Yletyinen is

worn, ragged.

Mundane laid open: everything is a mess. Roles for the body go topsy-turvy. I wake up and I am: at work, a tool, a machine, a dish brush, a sponge, water, hot, washing, fixing, sanding, vacuuming, helping, indebted, dressing, undressing, also, a child, a mother, a teat, lacking, sucked, dry, but, hopefully, of use, for you.

Soon, everything, will, get, easier, it’s, alright, for, a moment, present, for, a moment, existing, even, though, worn, ragged.

The exhibition combining painting and installation will be closed by celebrating dreams about rest together. The theme for the dress up party is being freed from work. What would one be and do if they could hedonistically decide how to spend their days?

The entrance is not wheelchair accessible. There is a toilet inside.

20.-26.11.2022, exhibition open sun-fri 14-20.

Costume party finissage 26.11. 16-22.

Sun 20 Nov 2022 – 26 Nov 2022 Closed today


broken clouds

Kristianinkatu 16
00170 Helsinki