Monumental Change: Public Art (What) Now?

Monumental Change: Public Art (What) Now?




06:30 – 06:30

Monumental Change: Public Art (What) Now is a week-long intensive of student presentations, proposals, artworks and discussions.

26.-29.4.2022 Project Room

Monumental Change: Public Art (What) Now?
A monument assigns significance, importance and permanence to an individual, ideology or power structure. The etymological root of the word Monument, is from the Latin monumentum, which most literally means ‘something that reminds’. People have been erecting monuments since the earliest records of civilization, in fact monuments are often the only objects that remain, while other forms of record perish with time. To erect a monument now, is to state – this will be our legacy.

The toppling of statues and power structures is nothing new, however after recent global protests and renewed interrogation – focus has again turned to figures riding high on horses.

Through presentations and discussion this thematic theory course concludes with a week intensive where the public are welcome to join the conversation. We ask what now for these empty plinths, fallen statues, erased histories? How do we as artists, creatives, activist, performers act or re-act in this arena? Can we still make monumental gestures in, about and for the public sphere? Within the gallery context, we attempt to work together, through these complexities and difficulties.

Tue 26 Apr 2022 – 29 Apr 2022 Closed today