Movement with Rosa Meriläinen

Movement with Rosa Meriläinen




08:00 – 10:00

April’s theme is Movement, chosen by CreativeMornings Wellington, illustrated by Hannah Webster, and presented by Mailchimp. The body in motion is a thing of beauty. Our cells shake kinetic energy through the finely articulated instruments of muscle, ligament, and bone. We blink, we pulse, we dance. 

Movement is a universal state of being. Even at rest, the matter we’re composed of is in motion — subatomic particles whir about at dizzying speeds, to create the sense of solidity. 

When we move together, we can build social and collective movements. Like a murmuration of swallows, we can form sweeping visions of a world never seen before. Our collective energy directed like a mighty river flowing downstream, taking unexpected and winding turns to carve mountains.

Event accessibility: 

Event is held at Helsinki Design Museum. Entrance for wheelchairs and prams from Ullanlinnankatu street. Design Museum has an obstacle-free lift, and a wheelchair-accessible toilet on the basement level (floor K). 

We love our local partners Design Museum , My Dear Kitchen in Helsinki, théhuone , Staroffset and Stadia

Fri 28 Apr 2023 08:00 – 10:00