Nuori Taide 2023

Nuori Taide 2023




13:22 – 13:22

Nuori Taide 2023 gathers young art makers from all around Finland to Tiivistämö in Helsinki for a one-day-long event on Saturday, 13th of May. The programme includes art exhibited by 13 to 23 years old art makers, artist meetings, workshops, discussions, and performances.

The theme of this year’s Nuori Taide event is a shine. The theme invites young people to shine together as individuals and a group. Shine to make a harmony of all colours. The shine invites people together by offering inspiration, encouragement and joy.

Nuori Taide 2023 is a discrimination-free event. It follows Nuori Taide’s guidelines for a safer space.

The event is produced by Nuori Taide together with young art makers and producers: Meeri Kastinen, Senni Koskenvesa, Helmi Kuirinlahti, Tiitu Nykänen, Moona Rantanen, Emma Riski, Säihke Sillanpää, Eevi Siniketo, Sara Taskila & Minka Yltävä.

Sat 13 May 2023 Closed today