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We are thrilled to announce our final event of the year with Nyokabi Kariũki and Atheer Soot performing live on Saturday 9th December, 2023 at Nordic Culture Point, Suomenlinna 5-7pm.

Nyokabi Kariũki will present an intimate solo set where she performs music from her first two records, peace places: kenyan memories and FEELING BODY, as well as some unreleased material. This performance will be the last in her EU/UK tour and bring Kariũki back to Suomenlinna where she previously did a residency at HIAP earlier this year.

Sound artist Moe Mustafa, aka Atheer Soot, presents The Topography Soundscape of My Queer Body, a sonic research on the artists’ existence within a hybrid masculine system and the hierarchy of desire in homosexual contexts. This piece was previously commissioned for our OPEN UP Nicosia curated programme as part of our Creative Europe programme.


Nyokabi Kariũki (she/her) is a Kenyan composer, sound artist and performer. Her sonic imagination is ever-evolving, spanning across various genres from classical contemporary to experimental electronic music, explorations in sound art, pop, film, (East) African musical traditions and more. She performs with the piano, voice, electronics, and on several instruments from the African continent — particularly on kalimbas and the mbira. Nyokabi’s work, going from her acclaimed EP peace places: kenyan memories (SA Recordings) to her debut album FEELING BODY (cmntx records), have been described as “deft” (The Quietus) and “transcendent” (The Guardian), with Bandcamp highlighting seeing her as “becoming a crucial voice in contemporary composition and experimental music.” She seeks to create meaningful and challenging art, illuminated by a commitment to the preservation and reflection on African thought, language and stories.

Atheer Soot
Atheer Soot (أثير صوت) is a Helsinki-based visual artist and
theatre-maker. Moe Mustafa was born in Kuwait to Palestinian parents,
to Amman-Jordan after the Gulf War. Alongside art and theatre, he
has been honing his skills in sound design and composing for the past
several years. Atheer Soot, an Arabic phrase, means a sound that
resonates in the void. The project focuses on creating an
interconnection between memories and sound, where Moe goes back in time
to explore the past, his childhood. And translate these memories into an
atmospheric and drone sound. Moe sees the process of sculpting the sound
as a therapy, where you open up to your devices and instruments and dive
deep into the subconscious and let the mind and intuition wander around.

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