Oooooooh! 20th Anniversary Exhibition

Oooooooh! 20th Anniversary Exhibition




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10–31 December 2022

Galleria Huuto started to organize exhibitions in 2002, first at Viiskulma in Helsinki. After many eventful and art-filled years, Galleria Huuto is currently located in Kamppi, in the courtyard at Kalevankatu 43. Promoting a sense of community and diversity and offering an outlet for artistic experiments, the project launched by 25 young artists has gradually grown into Finland’s largest artist-run gallery. Today Huuto has 140 members. Every year, more than 50 exhibitions are held at Galleria Huuto, which makes it the biggest operator in Helsinki’s visual arts scene based on its exhibition volume.

In order to celebrate its 20th anniversary, Galleria Huuto will bring together a wide selection of works from its members. In accordance with the gallery’s exhibition policy, the anniversary exhibition Oooooooh! will also be surprising and exceptionally diverse, representing big and small art and everything in between. For the duration of this exhibition, Huuto will double its floor area as works will not only be on display in the actual gallery space but also on the third floor of the building where additional spaces have been rented for this special occasion.

Side events of the exhibition will feature among other things a Bird Disco performance by Pasi Autio and Saku Koistinen and a poetry reading by Maimu Brushwood.

The Bird Disco by media artist Pasi Autio and dance artist Saku Koistinen gives people an opportunity to dance to a “chirpy beat”. Autio has worked on birdsong to create rhythmic, minimalist and psychedelic “disco music”. Dance artist Saku Koistinen has created dance moves for the songs based on bird movements and will instruct dancers at the Bird Disco.

Drag poet Maimu Brushwood, née Huolirinta, is artist Timo Tähkänen’s alter ego who loves art and tries to fix the world through her poems. On Sunday 18 December from 1 pm to 2:30 pm, Maimu Brushwood will take visitors on a guided tour of the anniversary exhibition.

You can find up-to-date information on the exhibition program on the Galleria Huuto website at and on social media at and

Sat 10 Dec 2022 – 31 Dec 2022 Closed today


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Panimokatu 1, Kalasatama