Program Selection

Program Selection




19:59 – 19:59


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Tuesday 16th of April

At 7:00 pm

“Program Selection” is a piano recital and performative essay that pulls from a myriad of disciplines. It is a piece about belonging—belonging as an audience, as a performer, and as an organizer to the art community. Through staged and ephemeral actions, choreography, sculptural staging, and music, it reflects on the inherent expectations that one may have of the other. The work takes this as a starting point to delve into universal human experiences like sex, sadness, anxiety and failure all while examining the piano recital as a metaphor for problematic social constructs.

Throughout the work, the pianist engages in tasks that express his fragility, vulnerability, and incapabilities. These are tasks that offer no ending or chance for success. They are done using domestic objects, including a washing machine and bowls, to mirror the ritual of performance with the ritual of home life.

Joined by a second unnamed performer and two visual projections, the recital opens up into a visually engaging theatrical drama that questions the pre-written scripts of both audience and performer, also what they share, and how they depend on each other. The video projections highlight the larger ecosystem of post-internet culture while the second tries to express something intimately human.

Robert Fleitz: @rfleitz

Stephen Webb: @com_posed

Free admission. Welcome!

Tue 16 Apr 2024 Closed today


clear sky

Vilhonvuorenkuja 15-16,
00500 Helsinki