READING GROUP: A Certain Logic of Expectations

READING GROUP: A Certain Logic of Expectations




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Dear readers, we welcome you all to our next Reading Group on the 1st November, Wednesday, 5-7pm! 

Continuing on the theme of publishing, and in correlation to Lugemik’s installation on show at Publics, in this Reading Group we are going to explore different ways and methods to incorporate texts and images in photo books or photography-related publications. The material we will explore is found in or published by Jiazazhi, an organisation focusing on Photography and Books in China.

Jiazazhi is an organisation focusing on Photography and Print-related matters in China, their practice evolves around and includes publishing, organising online & offline exhibitions and running a library and a magazine. 

During the session we will be reading excerpts from four titles: 
– Attachment to Memory and Existence from photo book Reborn by Lahem;
– To the Border, Unravel ! Strike Out ! from Pick Your Poison by Chen Zhe
– The Fifteenth Day from photo book 24 Mails from the Railway by Cheng Xinhao
– A Certain Logic of Expectations by Arturo Soto

The reading session this November is led by Yue Yu, a student based in Helsinki and a member of the Public Youth Advisory Board. He has a background in photography and his current interest lies in photobooks, publishing and independent space. During the summer, he worked as a volunteer in The PO project, a new initiative of Jiazazhi to look at local culture.

This time we are not introducing a PDF in advance, as we will be reading excerpts from various publications. 

PUBLICS Reading Group is a monthly meeting to informally discuss ideas and topics that arise from selected publications, sharing knowledge and being together. The Reading Groups are free to all. No previous experience or knowledge of the books required. Welcome!

Wed 01 Nov 2023 Closed today


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