Ringing Hukkataival: When I look at you, do I see myself?

Ringing Hukkataival: When I look at you, do I see myself?




12:00 – 16:00


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Welcome to the opening of the exhibition in the presence of the artist on Thursday 28.4. 5 pm-7pm!

Thirty years ago I read a book by an Indian spiritual teacher, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Your Watchtower is a Dream . I got to page 81 and stopped reading the book. I could not accept Maharaj’s teaching, which my mind had simplified into the form “I am you”. Now, in my eighties, I see many things differently and return to that teaching that was so incomprehensible to me at the time in a concrete way.

When I look at you, do I see myself ? is a long-term performance and media installation that is created when a guest of the exhibition wants to take part in it. In the work, the face of me or another participant is projected on the face of the person opposite, who is being photographed by a video camera while we are sitting some distance away from each other.

The participant can arrange their own image projected by the projector on the face of the opposite person by moving their head. When a suitably targeted image is found, the traits of the participants merge into a single entity from which it is not always possible to distinguish the persons depicted. The steps of the event can be captured with the phone’s camera.

The studio features a few portraits shot in the same way. “Portraits” created during the process can also be displayed

-Ring Lost


When I look at you, see if I see myself in the process with a friend or partner. The event is open on weekends during the gallery’s opening hours:

30.4. 12–14
1.5. on May Day, the gallery is closed from 7 to
8 May. 12–16
14–15.5. 12–16
May 21–22 12-16

Please note that the light from the projector is strong and the subject must keep their eyes closed during positioning. Everyone participates in the process at their own risk.

Helinä Hukkataival has  worked as aSince 1990, Hukkataipale’s works have been mainly performance art. Since 2002, he has also worked on video and since 2011 on photography. His works have been seen in exhibitions and festivals in Finland and abroad. Hukkataipale was awarded the State Prize for Fine Arts in 2004.

Fri 29 Apr 2022 – 22 May 2022 12:00 – 16:00


few clouds

Eteläranta 12
00130 Helsinki