Rondo Open Mic 9.12.

Rondo Open Mic 9.12.




05:42 – 05:42

9.12.2023, 19-22, Rondo Beer House, Vouti Björnramin kuja 6, 00790 Helsinki

Rondo Open Mic invites all friends of poetry to a new club in the heart of Viikki! Welcome to a club filled with lyricists, the mic is warmed up by Raakasaga and Yavis. Be your style spoken or written word, rap, street poetry or something totally else, from this club you will find a place for it and yourself.

The open mic starts after the warm-up shows. You can perform your poetry, rap, song lyrics, thoughts, a joke — the most important thing is that it is written by you. Each performer has 5 minutes on stage. It is possible to play i.e. beats on the background from phone or other device. We book a few open mic spots in advance, send email to (put “Rondo Open Mic” in the header) and you can of course register at the spot to the hosts during the event.

The event is produced and hosted by Saartu Gada and Juho Kuusi.

Our event adheres to Safer Space Guidelines as found on HPC’s website: We don’t tolerate any kind of hate speech or discrimination.

The age limit is 18. Free entry.

Sat 09 Dec 2023 Closed today