Rosa Luopajärvi: Altis

Rosa Luopajärvi: Altis




09:00 – 20:00


light rain

Thu 2.3.2023 – Sun 2.4.2023 
Stoan parvi

Turunlinnantie 1, Helsinki
Free entry

The world is falling apart. Ceaselessly it reminds us that things really don’t always go as we plan. 

Fractures, incompleteness and uncertainty are everywhere, no matter how hard we try to keep the performance talk going and tell one-way success stories. 

These photos do not perform, nor will they be performed.  

The exhibition is a small ode to susceptibility.

Rosa Luopajärvi (b. 1990) from East Helsinki is a Master of Arts in audio-visual media culture and a dreamer who studied in Rovaniemi and Vilnius. In her photography, she pays attention to the small elements that remain next to and in between the spectacular moments.

Thu 02 Mar 2023 – 02 Apr 2023 09:00 – 20:00


light rain

Turunlinnantie 1, Itäkeskus,
00900 Helsinki