Ruusu Open Mic #46

Ruusu Open Mic #46




02:57 – 02:57

This time we are proud to present Ruusu Open Mic in Sörkan Ruusu at May Day eve!

As the worm-up performers we are going to see awesome Lasse Hauerwaas and Kati Hiltunen.

After these performers, is the time for Open Mic as usual. 
You can sign up for Open Mic after warm-up performances. You are welcome to perform your text in any of your chosen language but we kindly ask you to keep it under 4 minutes, that all the willing performers have the opportunity to perform. It’s possible to connect your phone or guitar to the sound system if needed. 

At the end of the evening, glorious flowers from flower shop Lutukka will be drawn among the open micers.

The event is produced and hosted by Katja Korhonen and Natalia Karjalainen. Tea Tauriainen has designed the poster.
We thank our long lasting partner Restaurant Sörkan Ruusu!

Ruusu Open Mic is free from any discrimination. We don’t accept any racist or hateful content or behaviour. Please also note that we advise performers to state content warnings regarding their poems. Our event adheres to Safer Space Guidelines as found on HPC’s website:…/safer-space…/

Please only attend if you have no symptoms of Covid. 

Unfortunately, Sörkan Ruusu is non-accessible. At the main entrance ~ 20cm step and door ~ 60cm wide, side door ~ 20cm step and door ~ 55cm wide, no ramps. There is an induction loop available at the venue.

Warmly welcome, everybody! 

Sun 30 Apr 2023 Closed today