Sampo Malin: Fountains

Sampo Malin: Fountains




12:00 – 18:00


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There was a time when every self-respecting person had a fountain. The style and themes were a common form of artistic expression. However, interest shifted elsewhere and fountains mainly remained in urban spaces as a reference to history. Fountains were no longer a form of contemporary art.

The Fountains exhibition strives to depict a traditional theme through common methods used in contemporary art. The exhibition centers around the various mediums and perspectives of contemporary art. Anything can be a question or a subject of reflection in art, so I believe that fountains, social media and gutters are a good combination.

Through my environmentally and climate-wise critical works, I also highlight topical issues in contemporary art and society. Last summer, water did not flow in the fountains of European metropolises as all excess water evaporated in the sun. Is the present the swansong of fountains or will they find their way back to the contemporary art scene? The exhibition is more about reflecting than shouting, but my aim is to depict a fountain as a broad concept, as much as possible by means of contemporary art.

Sampo Malin is a spatial artist inclined towards minimalism. His approach is experimental and exploratory. His language of expression is thought experiments and alternative perspectives wrapped in abstract art. Until now, Malin has tried to avoid making art that is visibly editorial. This is his 20th solo exhibition, which has been held both in Finland and

Sampo Malin is Chair of the Board of the Association of Finnish Sculptors and a lecturer in sculpture at LAB University of Applied Sciences.

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The exhibition has been supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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Thu 28 Sep 2023 – 22 Oct 2023 12:00 – 18:00


scattered clouds

Panimokatu 1, Kalasatama