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We are happy to launch Sasha Hubers new book here at PUBLICS this month! Please join us to celebrate this publication and hear Sasha talk about the book.

This comprehensive publication focuses on the artwork and activism of Sasha Huber. A Helsinki-based visual artist and researcher of Swiss and Haitian heritage, Huber’s creative practice encompasses performance, photography, film, mixed media, reparative interventions, and collaborations to investigate colonial residues left in the environment. Her projects conceive of natural spaces—mountains, lakes, glaciers, forests, and craters—as contested territories, highlighting the ways in which history is imprinted onto the landscape through acts of remembrance, including memorialization through naming and the erection of monuments. For over a decade, Huber has produced work in relation to the cultural and political Demounting Louis Agassiz campaign, which seeks to redress the racist legacy of the Swiss-born naturalist and glaciologist. With her artworks, Huber challenges the terms by which we remember, asking not only who and what we memorialize, but also, and more importantly, how we do so.

Made in conjunction with Autograph, London, this publication features installation images of Huber’s Winter 2022 exhibition at The Power Plant, YOU NAME IT. These images accompany a co-written foreword by former Director and Artistic Director of The Power Plant Gaëtane Verna and Director of Autograph Mark Sealy, an interview between Huber and YOU NAME IT curator Noor Alé, and texts by Ariella Aïsha Azoulay, Julie Crooks, Hans Fässler, Paul Gilroy, Maria Helena P. T. Machado, Walter D. Mignolo, Temi Odumosu, Christina Sharpe, and Françoise Vergès.

Editors: Mark Sealy and Gaëtane Verna
Designer: La Villa Hermosa
Publisher: The Power Plant, Autograph, and Mousse Publishing
Year: 2022 Pages: 189

Sasha Huber: YOU NAME IT was presented at Kunstinstituut Melly, Rotterdam, April 9–September 12, 2021; The Power Plant, Toronto, February 5–May 1, 2022; currently at Autograph, London, November 10, 2022–March 25, 2023; and forthcoming at Turku Art Museum, Finland, June 9–August 27, 2023; and Ferme-Asile, Switzerland, April 27–July 14, 2024.


Sasha Huber is a Helsinki-based, multidisciplinary visual artist-researcher of Swiss-Haitian heritage. Sensitive to the subtle threads connecting history and the present, she uses and responds to archival material within a layered creative practice that encompasses performance-based interventions, video, photography, and collaborations.

Huber frequently reclaims – aware of its symbolic significance – the compressed-air staple gun as an artistic ‘weapon’, tapping into its potential to renegotiate unequal power dynamics. She is known for her artistic research contribution to the Demounting Louis Agassiz campaign which aims to dismantle the glaciologist’s lesser-known but contentious racist heritage. Huber also often works in a creative partnership with artist Petri Saarikko with whom she initiated the long-term project Remedies Universe. They will participate in the Helsinki biennale 2023.

Huber holds an MA in visual culture from the Aalto University and is presently undertaking a practice-based PhD at Zurich University of the Arts. Huber has had numerous solo presentations, artist residencies and participated in international exhibitions and festivals, including the 56th Venice Biennial in 2015. In 2021 Huber’s solo exhibition tour YOU NAME IT began at Kunstinstituut Melly in Rotterdam and continues to The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto; Autograph in London in 2022/23; Turku Art Museum in Finland in 2023 and Ferme-Asile in Switzerland im 2024. In 2018 the Arts Promotion Centre Finland awarded Huber the State Art Award in the category visual arts and in 2022 she received a multi-year artist grant.

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