Shared space

Shared space




11:30 – 19:00


light rain

3 March–13 August 2023

The Shared space exhibition includes site-specific works commissioned for public and semi-public spaces around Helsinki. The works reflect on themes such as multispecies entanglements, other-than-human agencies, coexistence, presence and care, as well as the sense of place and the layering of time and materialities. Media include video, painting, sculpture, and participatory processes.  

After the exhibition, some of the artworks commissioned for semi-public venues such as day-care centres and schools will find permanent homes in the buildings for which they were intended. Some of the works will evolve into their final forms over the course of the coming year, and they will be presented as process fragments in the exhibition. A video based on A Great Mess, a site-specific performance staged on Vuosaarenhuippu Landfill Hill by the W A U H A U S arts collective, will be premiering in this exhibition. A Stream among Streams is a curatorial concept of public artworks that will spread across the Kalasatama district over the coming decade. 

During the spring and autumn, the exhibition will spread across the city in the form of guided tours of spaces that are not typically open to the public, such as day-care centres and schools.  

Featured artists: Alma HeikkiläNayab IkramSanna KannistoJan LütjohannOther Spaces,
W A U H A U S, and Bogna Luiza Wiśniewska.

The exhibition and commissioned works are curated by HAM’s Public Art Curators Aleksandra Kiskonen and Kristiina Ljokkoi.

Artists whose works are introduced on the tours are Jussi JuurinenTuomas A. LaitinenMaija LuutonenPearla PigaoJani RuscicaKustaa Saksi, and Man Yau.

Maija Luutonen’s piece is curated by Mikko Oranen, HAM, and all others by HAM’s Public Art Curators Aleksandra Kiskonen and Kristiina Ljokkoi.

Fri 03 Mar 2023 – 13 Aug 2023 11:30 – 19:00


light rain

Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 8
00100 Helsinki