SHOWING THE INVISIBLE: a workshop about videography and storytelling

SHOWING THE INVISIBLE: a workshop about videography and storytelling




19:42 – 19:42

With: Frame Contemporary Art Finland, TM Galleria

Tutor: Támara Aalto

Date and place: 15.01.2023, Sunday, 10-14.30
Location: Frame Contemporary Art Finland office (Ratakatu 1 B/A/9, 00120 Helsinki) and tm•galleria (Erottajankatu 9 B, 00130 Helsinki)

The workshop starts and ends at the Frame office, but we will be doing our filming practice at a Catalysti member, Jane Hughes’ exhibition THESE FRAGMENTS I HAVE SHORED AGAINST MY RUINS at tm•galleria.

About the Workshop:

In this workshop, we will go through concepts of videography and storytelling. Participants will learn how to film and develop an audiovisual piece in groups. We will raise questions about what is invisible, and focus on the process more than on the final result. The tutor will go through videography concepts of framing, movement, angles, and light, how to use them and what we want to tell with those. We will gather in groups, film, and edit together to create a video.

There is no minimum level or required previous knowledge for participants. Registration is required.

Registration Link:

Please RSVP your participation latest by 12.01.2023 by filling out this google form.

Technical Requirement: 

You will need a camera or any filming device and a laptop for the workshop. Please indicate if you lack any of the equipment in the registration form, so we can plan accordingly to the situation.

The editing program used in the workshop will be Adobe Premiere (you can download a free trial from their website), Davinci Resolve (for free), or any editing app program that you could have/use. After registration, we will send you an information package that includes the workshop schedule and links to the program we need.

About Támara Aalto:
Támara Aalto is a filmmaker from Zaragoza, Spain working nowadays in Finland. In 2022, she worked at Catalysti as a videographer, at Koulukino as a filmmaker tutor designing and giving classes, and at Cinemaissí Latin American Film Festival as Artistic Director curating the film program and organizing panel discussions. She also works with different artists directing and filming music and performance video clips.

Sun 15 Jan 2023 Closed today