Simi Ruotsalainen: Technological Mother

Simi Ruotsalainen: Technological Mother




12:00 – 18:00


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“Technological Mother” is a video-based media work with post-humanist undertones that deals with motherhood from the perspectives of gender, cross-species biology, and technology. The work explores the assumed gender of motherhood and technology by examining so-called mothering, acts of motherhood that go beyond traditions.

While motherhood is often associated with womanhood and womanhood with nature and being a mediator, technology often represents manhood in perceptions and in practice, traditionally seen as the maintainer of culture (built on nature and biology).

The work is based on my personal reflections on who can be a mother, to whom this right or obligation is given. Can a man be a mother? Can one be a mother without being a woman? Can technology replace biology? Is the development of reproductive technologies inevitably taking us towards a situation where part of biological parenthood is replaced by technology? Why is a pregnant body a public body? The work also focuses attention on how the mother myth, the assumed calling for motherhood and the bodily nature of motherhood define humanity in the societal and social context.

An essential part of the work is the imaginary face of the Technological Mother, based on a smiley face that resembles a simplified human face intended for babies. The photographic animations and still photos of body parts, (C-section) scars, nature, mechanical parts, plants and animals keep creating new versions of the smiley face for the Technological Mother’s offspring. The Technological Mother’s smiley face challenges the human perception of a pleasant face in relation to the perspectives of other species.

The instant messages between the mother and the offspring are based on my message communication with my children.

Simi Ruotsalainen (they/them) is media-artist and photographer from Rovaniemi, Finland.

Thu 28 Sep 2023 – 22 Oct 2023 12:00 – 18:00


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Panimokatu 1, Kalasatama