Spoken word workshop

Spoken word workshop




11:57 – 11:57

Antikvariaatti Sofia
Free Entry

Host: @kihwa_endale

limited spots available, pre-register through DM

theme: the bird people

there was a season of migration and now we are here

This workshop

:: is for someone having a layered heritage/diasporic experience

:: is hosted in English but instructions can be translated into Finnish. You are welcome to write in any language that feels comfortable to you.

:: is process-based, both finished and unfinished texts/thoughts are encouraged. No pressure to perform or write, welcome to just share the time and the snacks


15.00-15.20: Settle in

snacks, introductions, how we are arriving to this space, what are your needs/hopes/boundaries for the day

15.20-15.50: A bit about poetry

origin of spoken word

what is non-climatic structure

creating time within a story

how to let a story disintegrate, and what are the catalysts

writing a poem that is not a “poem”

what is your relationship with poetic expression

is there something you’d like to focus on during this workshop

15.50-16.30: Discussion on theme ‘the bird people’, key words: environment, identity, nature, love

at what point does the sky stop being blue? when does a land turn into a country, into a body that carries a home, how is this my home. at what point do i choose

16.30-17.30: Writing

Pick a corner in the bookstore and write. Writing exersises will be provided if needed

If you are new to writing / feel stuck, I will be available for brainstorming 🙂

17.30-17.40: Short break

17.40-18.00: Recap and optional sharing what you have written

welcome to co-create /& coexist<3

Sat 26 Nov 2022 Closed today