Suhina Klubi: Tiheäsalo-Mustonen-Luokkanen

Suhina Klubi: Tiheäsalo-Mustonen-Luokkanen




08:02 – 08:02


clear sky

1.2.2024 19:00

Suhina Klubi serves as a platform for improvised and experimental music and sound art within Helsinki. During the year 2024, improvised music ensembles will be heard in concerts held at the Myymälä2 gallery.

In the first concert of 2024, the Tiheäsalo-Mustonen-Luokkanen ensemble will be performing.

Tiheäsalo-Mustonen-Luokkanen presents music that focuses on repetition and departure.

Topias Tiheäsalo is a guitarist based in Turku, playing improvised music in various forms. Some of his playing can be described as experimental or free improvisation, while others might label it as free jazz, noise, or even sound art. Perhaps it’s simply about the act of playing. Tiheäsalo also plays in the bands of Pekka Laine and Lau Nau, creates film music, and performs live experimental film with Pauliina Mäkelä under the name Kultapalmut.

Matti Luokkanen is a wind instrumentalist with a passion for improvisation and acoustic free jazz. Luokkanen plays in various groups, including Fågelbörs.

Teemu Mustonen is an improvisational percussionist exploring the possibilities of drum set and its preparation in solo and ensemble contexts. He performs broadly, collaborating with bands like Pambikallio, Linear John, and Kryptareflat.

Suhina Klubi is supported by Helsingin City
Concert starts at 7pm
Tickets: 15€/8€

Thu 01 Feb 2024 Closed today


clear sky

Uudenmaankatu 23 F
00120 Helsinki