In-between Now

In-between Now




06:11 – 06:11


clear sky


Open daily 12–18

Vernissage 19.5. 18–21


Erkki Huilla

Sini Ilves

Anastasiia Lapteva

Diana Luganski

Olli Valkola

Eva Volmerson

Sofia Vuorenmaa

We are constantly in interaction with the world around us: with landscape, natural phenomena, materials, other beings. We search for connection and distance via words, silence, sound, touch, gaze, immersion, listening, giving, and letting go. There are ghosts and other traces of life which wander on the streets and in pauses, and there is silent knowledge that guides us to encounter the other, and the other replies with their presence.

Sometimes words become a map of a wrong place, and elephants in the rooms wake up. It’s harder to breathe. Longing is caused by undefined you, they, it, and the engrams it has left: the echoes of touch and gaze in a body.

Somewhere, wind is walking a wooden sculpture.

This exhibition is about silent spaces of apparent and vocal realities as well as interaction between beings and their surroundings. We are 7 fine art students working and thinking with various mediums such as installations, printmaking, sound, painting, and photography.

Mon 15 May 2023 – 28 May 2023 Closed today


clear sky

Vilhonvuorenkuja 15-16,
00500 Helsinki