Tapio Wirkkala: Form

Tapio Wirkkala: Form




08:18 – 08:18


clear sky

05.10.2022 – 06.10.2024

2. floor

20€ / Adults over 29

0€ / Under 18s and over 70s

Form is an exhibition showcasing Tapio Wirkkala’s sculptures and the sculptural character of his designs. The same forms recur frequently in the sculptures and objects featured in the exhibition.

Wirkkala adapted his approach to the object’s scale, material and function, but the enduring feature of his design vocabulary was its ongoing exploration of form and sense of movement. He often drew inspiration from the organic world, but instead of mimicking it, he was intrigued by nature’s constant state of fleeting change.

Wirkkala was an artist of exceptional breadth whose oeuvre embraced a variety of objects, graphic and industrial design, exhibition architecture, buildings, sculptures and environmental art. He was among the first Finnish artists to make fully abstract sculpture. He respected his materials, showing a deep understanding of their character and an immaculate command of technique.

The exhibition is curated by Juhani Pallasmaa, Wirkkala’s close friend and collaborator. Pallasmaa´s curatorial selections explore the sculptural character of Wirkkala´s works from nine perspectives.

Curator: Juhani Pallasmaa
Project management: Henna Paunu & Pernilla Wiik

Wed 05 Oct 2022 – 06 Oct 2024 Closed today


clear sky

Ahertajantie 5
02100 Espoo