09:21 – 09:21

Aino Kontinen

2023, spoken word performance

Text: Aino Kontinen
Sound design: Kira Siuruainen
Costume design: Hanne Jurmu

~ 20 min

In the exhibition hall

We recommend watching the performance all the way through from start to end. You can sit on the floor, on a folding chair or stay standing.

The spoken word performance Toward delves into themes of depression and exhaustion through text and sound. Performance as a format allows for flexibility in exploring these themes and seeking different rhythms from those sharing the experience. The performance turns the gaze outwards from the self, towards a shared moment and new perspectives. Could we together create hope and learn to trust it?

Thu 20 April 4 pm | 6 pm
Sat 20 May 3 pm *

*Please note: This performance is recorded for the artist’s portfolio and marketing purposes.

Sat 20 May 2023 Closed today