Trojan Horse Online Listening Session with Petra van Brabandt & Maleka Fruean

Trojan Horse Online Listening Session with Petra van Brabandt & Maleka Fruean




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Please join us for our first listening session of 2022, organised by Trojan Horsetogether with Petra van Brabandt & Maleka Fruean. The event takes place in Zoom on Wednesday 26th of January at 3–5pm via registration.

Trojan Horse is a collective and autonomous educational platform that combines architecture, design, art and theory. Its identity is hybrid and under constant formation. As part of the PUBLICS’ Parahosting program they facilitate this session around the theme of community-based care. Trojan Horse has invited two speakers to join the event:

Petra van Brabandt will share a talk related to her work with Engagement Arts, a small artists-led movement battling sexual harassment and power abuse in the arts sector.

Maleka Fruean will talk about the Germantown Info Hub, a project that focuses on localized, community specific information sharing and solutions based journalism.

The event will start with an introduction to Trojan Horse by a filmmaker and writer Hanan Mahbouba and spatial designer and researcher Kaisa Karvinen, who are both members of the initiative.

3pm Introducing Trojan Horse
4pm Petra van Brabandt
4:30pm Maleka Fruean
5pm Event ends

Trojan Horse was invited by PUBLICS to organise a small gathering as part of the Open Up cultural project and Parahosting Laboratory including listening and reading sessions and talks with cultural workers and independent non-profit initiatives. The idea is that by gathering different individuals and organisations together to listen to each other’s concerns and points of interest, institutional knowledge can grow wider, and more sustainable collaborative methods can be found. Open Up is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme.

Wed 26 Jan 2022 Closed today


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