Vappu Jalonen: AU: Chapter 1

Vappu Jalonen: AU: Chapter 1




12:00 – 18:00

16 Dec 2021 — 31 Jan 2022

Inside the apartment is a body that fits it, inside the apartment is an alternate universe. Outside the apartment, people are preparing for the rising sea levels, 200 meters from the apartment there’s a well-being centre. Water’s gushing from the tap, the floor is hot underneath the occupant’s feet, the white noise in the apartment never falls silent.

AU: Chapter 1 is a text-based audio work about the norms of living, weakness and fantasy.

The work is the first chapter of a loose series of works that take place in different contexts and take different shapes.

Vappu Jalonen is an artist and writer whose pieces take place in the intersections between visual arts, performance art, literature and research. The works often deal with power and knowledge production, zooming in on bodies and everyday objects, situations and words.

AU: Chapter 1 will be published on December 16, 2021 on Mad House Helsinki’s web page. The work is in Finnish.

Text, voice: Vappu Jalonen
Sound design: Ilja Pippa
Artistic consultation: Elis Hannikainen
Image: Elis Hannikainen
Support: Arts Promotion Centre Finland
In co-operation with: Mad House Helsinki

Thu 16 Dec 2021 – 31 Jan 2022 12:00 – 18:00