Vincent Roumagnac: Data Ocean Theatre/Tragedy & the Goddexxes

Vincent Roumagnac: Data Ocean Theatre/Tragedy & the Goddexxes




16:00 – 20:00


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With: Moving in November

Vincent Roumagnac presents the culmination of Data Ocean Theatre/Tragedy & the Goddexxes on Kiasma stage. This final act combines the black-box version of the solo show exhibited at Titanik Gallery (Turku) in November 2022 with new works created specifically for this year’s Moving in November.

Tragedy & the Goddexxes is the intial phase of Roumagnac’s interdisciplinary project, Data Ocean Theatre, which explores the intersections of myths, new media, climate emergency, and the transformation of seas and oceans. Over the past two years, the project has evolved, focusing on rising sea levels, big data growth, and their emotional impacts.

This first part of Data Ocean Theatre, Tragedy & the Goddexxes, reimagines tragedy through a queered and techno-animist perspective. Drawing from Greek tragedy’s structure, marine mythology, and “technology-as-monster” narratives, the final staging introduces new works featuring mythological sea creatures and imaginary rituals.

Data Ocean Theatre emerged from a dialogue with the Finnish Meteorological Institute Marine Research Unit and is currently a postdoctoral artistic research project led by Roumagnac at Tutke-Performing Arts Research Centre (Theatre Academy/Uniarts Helsinki).

Vincent Roumagnac is a Helsinki-based Basque-French discipline-fluid artist and researcher. He started his career in theater as an actor and director but gradually moved away from traditional theater practices. Instead, he focuses on how the concept of the stage evolves in the context of climate change, technology, and transmediality. Roumagnac has proposed innovative ideas for transforming and re-ecologizing theater, exploring new ways to engage with the environment. He also explores the intersection of art and research through interdisciplinary processes. In 2020, he completed his Doctorate in Arts at the Performing Arts Research Centre of the University of the Arts Helsinki, with his research project titled Reacclimating the Stage. Subsequently, he began a four-year post-doctoral artistic research project called DATA OCEAN THEATRE as a visiting researcher at the same institution. Roumagnac’s work is currently supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Duration: The performative exhibition is open each day (except Monday) during 4 hours. With your exhibition ticket or festival pass you can enter and excite as you wish.  The piece consisting of several videos playing simultaneously among the other works and matters, the estimated time for experiencing the full show is approximately 45 minutes.

Vincent Roumagnac will be present at the opening of the installation on November 3. from 4 to 6 p.m.


Fri 03 Nov 2023 – 12 Nov 2023 16:00 – 20:00


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